The essential benefits of IP telephony


Simplified invoicing. No long distance charges. No hidden costs. Easier expenditure control. Lowest price per call.


Netvox delivers a turnkey IP telephone system. The installation is tested, the equipment is solid, and the recipes are proven. It’s always with people that you talk to at Netvox.


You become the owner of your own telephone network. With the Netvox Mobile service your cellular devices have access to all the advantages of the network. The Netvox functions allow you to instantly manage your network remotely.


The only noticeable difference between traditional telephony and IP telephony is where your phone is plugged. Your IP phone uses your internet connection, allowing for greater flexibility, better performance and savings of up to 50%.

Among the many advantages, you get a daily log detailing all calls, even those of your remote workers. With your Netvox online customer page you can easily configure your phone’s functions at any time. Integrating personal cellphones with corporate IP telephony is a snap. You simply enter the cell phone number in a list. And you can schedule the hours and days of the week of this integration. You can even set call transfers on the go.

The voice quality is flawless, and you get dozens of convenient features that old systems just can’t offer. For instance, with IP telephony you can reach all of your staff and each of your branches with a simple extension. Your IP telephone bill is straightforward and easy to understand, it comes without surprises.  Your calls to Canada and the United States are free and with simple programming, so are calls to or from your cell phone.


IP telephony is superseding analog telephony because it offers much more features. In particular, because it is based on the pairing of a user with a phone, not with a line, it allows for a persistent telephone number, even in cases of long-term travel, or change of location, office, etc.

When a company uses IP telephony, communications management is greatly streamlined. Unlike analog systems, IP telephony transmits voice and data by the same means, which results in a significant time saving and better productivity for the business.

And remember, IP telephony is simpler, changes like adding telephone sets or re-structuring the network are easy to perform and make your company future-proof.


Netvox packages are tailored to the needs of each individual customer to offer cost-cutting solutions. IP telephony lets you use your service wherever you are, for example from your home by keeping your line and extension number. With Netvox you benefit from the overall service quality, the ease of adding services such as teleconferencing, a website allowing remote configuration, and from the  integration with your existing mobile devices, faxes and email.

So, IP telephony is a communication tool well suited to both businesses and individuals. The user has control over his telephone network whatever its size. The new features of Netvox IP telephony make it possible to instantly and easily manage an entire network remotely. For network security and privacy, Netvox is protected by powerful firewalls to guard against potential attacks.

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